Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Mountains of pure beauty

By Tomas Herquin, year 6, Notre Dame School

The air was breezy, the air is always breezy up in the endless mountains. At the top of them the snow was undisturbed because there was never anything to disturb it; all animals had left years ago. In the middle of all the mountains was a colossal lake. The water was shimmering blue and the top of the water looked like a sheet of glass. Some of these great mountains had tunnels to the centre of the earth, some which you could get lost in for years. In the tunnels there were plants green, purple, red, orange, yellow and there were even glowing plants that looked beautiful but could kill you in a blink of an eye or knock you out with a one sniff of their foul smelling buds of evil.

One mountain had a flat top. Somehow trees had grown, tall trees to. These trees inhabited life. There are birds all chirping a happy tune, there was no danger here. It smelled of fresh grass and sap, I love that smell. At the middle of this peculiar place is a huge pillar of gold, which is four times the the size of a grown man. When it was full moon the animals would circle around the gold pillar as if enchanted. For an hour they do this. There used to be a hundred pillars like this all over the mountains and even one underwater, for the fish, but they all except one had been broken by extreme weather one hundred years ago. These pillars are from the creation of earth made by the earth’s things known as the first comers, to worship the moon.

At the moment it was midday and very sunny.

Suddenly the silence was struck by the sound of a scream and hooves!

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