Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Monkeyface isle

By Hayden Saunders, year 5, Elizabeth College

Jaqueline, Henry, Jaimie and Alex bolted, running as fast as theIr tired limbs could carry them. The school bullies were running after them, throwing rotten eggs at the four youngsters. After fifteen minutes of running, they came via the Harbour Of Old and saw a deserted boat and got inside and hid.

But then Jaimie had an idea and whispered to the others, “Why don’t we take this boat and sail off to somewhere far away from America like Dubai or Japan?”

“But what about mum and dad?” said Henry, but was outnumbered by Jaqueline and Alex, so they set off.

Alex found some fishing rods on the upper deck and Jaimie found a stove and cutlery on the lower deck. An hour into the voyage there was a very tentative mist. They didn’t know it, but they were in the mist of misery, home of the humble sea monster that wouldn’t hurt a fish, let alone a boat.

As soon as they got out of the mist of misery, after twenty minutes, suddenly a blinding sun appeared and took Jaimie by surprise. Then a wind carried the boat and blew it towards an island and left it crashed on the beach of an island.

Villagers came down to the beach and said, “Thank goodness you’re here to save us. We have been waiting many years for you to save us from Smiley. The evil clown has been dominating our land and murdering some of our spies for years,“ said the chief of monkeyface island.

The four children followed the wise old man to a dazzling pink castle rising high above. In the distance Henry could see a grey malevolent castle and asked the chief Wilber, “Is that castle in the distance Smiley's castle?”

Wilber said slowly, “Yes, son, yes.”

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