Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Kerys Holberry, year 6, Vauvert School

“Time for bed girls” said Steph.

“Night mum,” I called .

“Night auntie Steph,” said Nirvana in a sweet voice .

“Night Mrs Swarbrick, ” called Addilayne.

As we fell asleep we dreamt of being in the rainforest with the magnificent animals and the towering trees dancing in the wind .We adored the rainforest It was our dream place to go on holiday until one day that changed.

I woke up with a slight breeze on my face thinking I had left my window open again , until I realised I was laying on a bed of grass in the middle of nowhere. I stood up and thought to myself ‘Where am I?" I looked around and saw Nirvana and Addilayne laying on the lime grass next to where I was, I woke them up and realised we were in a rainforest. They jumped to their feet and yelled “WHAT!”. I explained “we need to explore or we will not find a way out of here”.

We set off forwards and in the far distance Nirvana noticed something, something unusual , something not so ordinary. We ran towards the building like object and saw a treehouse . “Was someone here before us or is someone here watching us?” whispered Addilayne in a

scared voice . The silence in the rainforest was so loud. We went inside and saw a bed and a sofa ,then we saw a locked cupboard. Nirvana was able to break the lock and inside we found bones. Were they human bones or animal bones? No one knew . Just remember anything can happen whenever . Then a bird flew through the arched window and we turned with haste and saw a dark tall figure and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ...

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