Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Man-made Planet

By Tom Davies, year 5, Vauvert School

In the middle of nowhere in a different universe. This planet is man-made and started whole but… A comet was hurtling towards this planet so as it was man-made, every place had a system to eject it when it is in danger so now this island is floating.

There was a war raging since 1928 on the island of San-Marie. San-Marie has been there for 10,987 years. This island has 7 moon’s the closest is ONLY 17 light years away. Lions live on this island they do the same as us they go to school, work except they have facial hair lots of facial hair. There is a massive and I mean massive ditch called muddled land where all the muddled creatures live. There is no water on San-Marie, there is a clean wine river twisting and turning. This planet has no pollution because it does not have cars or planes.

This island is green because it has plants and silver because it is man-made. It has no weather because there is no atmosphere. The doggy desert is a big desert for dogs only. There is little human life on the island. Also there is a dome to keep in the air in so it does not escape. There is a wall with to tuft of grass with a cheerleader graffiti on it. There is a melted chocolate volcano that everyone eats and drinks from.

There is a river of wine and a fountain of coke. There is a ski resort for the lions and a black run before the end of your life. There is no water, they all have homemade lemonade. Rabbits run wild in the alp mountain range. There are about 6790 meters length ways and 2306 weight ways that is the basics of my world .

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