Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Magical World

By Esme Quittenden, year 4, Blanchelande School

It was midnight and everyone was sound asleep and safe ...Or at least that was what was originally thought, but ever so suddenly there was a ripple. It started like earthquakes, crashes, terror and, peculiarly, everyone was asleep as if they had not noticed anything had happened at all. All except Andromeda. she turned on the light and put on her slippers. As she was crawling around trying to find her way out, she found a mysterious portal. She oddly went through, then went to sleep pretending she was already there. The next day she woke up in the land Goldron. It was a land of mystery with all different portals in the sky. The sky itself was pink, blue and purple. The air smelt of a warm aroma and fresh flowers. She could hear all wonderful and joyful sounds and everything was happy. But although she was happy and the land was happy, what about the people you may think. Well they were not the same. The first was called Area, the Yandriax, a pretty creature with happy aspirations and traits. Second was Fletcher the Zagron, an ugly and disgusting creature with dreadful aspirations and traits. Third was Afrea who was Area`s sister/brother with the same traits as Area because they were siblings. SO that’s pretty much it for the creatures and without further ado let's finish this story!

So Andromeda went on walking across this pretty and mysterious unknown land and every time she looked somewhere specific there was something more to it! She loved this mysterious land, as peculiar as it was. And nothing, no nothing, ever stopped her fun there UNTIL……………………………One day when all creatures were asleep, Fletcher decided he would be terribly horrible, not to one person specifically, but to everyone all together and everything changed.

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