Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Lub world

By Jaiden Cordingley, year 6, Amherst School

There was a king that ruled the polar bears on the top of the Polar Peak. These poor people lived in a town called Tilted Towers, because there was loads of mud on every skyscraper. So one day the ice king went to the Polar Peak and said to them "There will be some ugly weather, so if I was you I would hide.'

Soon the king went to the Loot Lake and soon found out that something had devoured the fish. He went back to his wonderful palace and thought "How have all of them gone missing? There must have been a storm."

The town went out and moved to the wonderful woods and had an amazing picnic with loads of sweets. Instantly the delivery truck came but it was too early, said the people. “Well yeah" said the delivery man "because there is storm coming did you hear about?”

“No. How dangerous is it to come to this land?”

“Like a 0.1 percent. It is really rare so that means that it will be extremely powerful.” So even though their food was there they could not find the king and that was the main person that ruled the city. They found it very hard to go to places to eat because their places were shut down because of the terrifying storm. But, as it

was magic, the storm went away as soon as everyone was having fun, so then they went back and they saw this black ninja called Blackjet, and he told everyone to "come here." So they all came and then they had a big old party,but the only thing that wasn't right was there was no grass on the floor, but just granite from the

storm and the granite flew everywhere.

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By lewis collins, year 9, Grammar School

Ahhhh Gametopolis, what a wonderful place it is. I am Mario jr. and I will be telling you a story...

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It's Easter Egg Time

By Jessica Le Gallais, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

We all went on a plane to go to Easter Egg Land.Then we got off the plane. I was excited..

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By Luke Elliott, year 6, Elizabeth College

I wandered near small trees where my helicopter crashed and wanted to stay near the helicopter so I didn't get lost...

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'The Wormal' myth, part 2

By Owen Fraser, year 7, Grammar School

One by one the stars were dispersing into no matter as king worm, Mossmosamoss, swallowed them hole....

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The Weird Wardrobe

By Kerys Maindonald, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

One Tuesday afternoon, Emily went to stay at her grandmother's house until her Mum and Dad came home...

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By Rory Clarke, year 6, Elizabeth College

3 years ago, in the isle of Nana, King Pea took over. Food gremlins stole buildings, and people.

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The Soundless Souls

By sebastian robinson, year 9, Grammar School

He was tangled in a bunch and his bounding heart suddenly dropped into a maze. Bright lights foreshadowed his visions...

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The Humongous Igloo

By Charlie Sykes, year 7, Elizabeth College

The Humongous Igloo “Boy, this watermelon challenge is going to be far too easy for a pro like me a...

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Battle bus island

By Finn Simon, year 7, La Mare de Carteret School

The battle bus flew pacing above our island. We had to make this island ours once and for all...

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Death or no Death!

By George Harris, year 7, Elizabeth College

I wake up to what I think is a dream, but it was not. It was actually a crime taking place about 1 mile...

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