Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Lost and Found!

By Jack Weetman, year 6, Amherst School

All of a sudden there was a bump, sirens went off. Cold and confused, Josh woke and saw Caden on the floor and then rushed over to him.

Thankfully Caden awoke and asked, “Where are we”? They looked around, all they could see was a broken down plane in the middle of the woods.

It was cold, dark they were terrified. Josh and Caden went rushing to their mums, but they were nowhere to be seen. It was like they had disappeared. Still searching but there was nothing, were they dead or are they lost?

All of a sudden they heard a screech. What was it? So then Josh and Cayden started searching again, they both went rushing over and there was Josh's mum lying on the ground, not unconscious but in severe pain. Josh was in relief, but Caden not so much because his mum was still out there. Unsure of what to do, they sat down and thought on what to do. Then Caden came up with an idea. They would search the plane and see if they can call for help and to see if Caden's mum is there. So they made there way over to the plane and searched but there no sign of Caden's mum. Nearly the whole plane was searched, but there was just the luggage section.

Then on the corner of Josh's eye he saw a flare gun and thought maybe they could shoot one and try to grab someone's attention. They carefully held it in the air and the shot as bright as treasure, it flung up into the air and minutes later there was a siren. It was a helicopter coming to pick us up but Caden's mum is still out there. Is she still alive?

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