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Literally Picture Perfect

By Niamh Stumpf, year 6, Notre Dame School

Literally Picture perfect

As usual the moonlit sky was a faded shade of grey, where the dancing stars should have been sitting, the blanket of clouds spitting out bullet like snowballs laid there comfortably instead. In the early hours of dawn the somewhat normal animals roamed the dirt filled ground below. Everything black and white, not even the fruit that on the trees were their usual radiant, glowing colour and the moon stood beautifully in its rightful place. As silence occurred the animal’s wandering closed to a halt. As the surroundings became darker and duller the animals froze as still as statues, cold as stone. Soon the silence was shattered by the small screams of the thoughts tunnelling around the statuesque animal’s statuesque minds. This is usual for the inhabitants of these parts.

This world may sound strange, and it is. It has no particular place, it just ventures around the bypaths of our galaxy. The trees are torn and curved and even though they look as though they had been put there carelessly, they were there for a reason. From overhead the trees form out the letters N O R E T U R N S and this is what the inhabitants are trying ever so hard to make happen to any unwanted guests.The cold air makes this picturesque place more and more sinister.The plain grey sky has become a blur by now and the byvodens who are the inhabitants of this world flood in, just as the stone starts to chisel away.

As the night edges closer and closer to dawn the stone starts to break. I warn you and any others who intend on travelling to this picture place, DON’T! This picture-like world is too much like a picture, maybe it is one.

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