Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Lily's Break from the Real World

By Darcey Hodgson, year 6, La Houguette School

Lily looked at her desk and her getaway island map, I wish I could be there, Lily thought to

herself but what she didn’t realise was that her wish would came true…….A slight tingle went through Lily’s body and as it was before her eyes the getaway island was real!

The grass was greener then any grass Lily had seen before and the air was so fresh, it felt like it was summer even though it was the middle of winter. In the distance you could see the

happiest, brightest treehouse that towered over the island and Lily’s favourite relaxing

place looked so fresh, you wouldn’t think it was the oldest thing in the garden.

Right next to Lily was the melting ice cream slope which looked like chocolate syrup had been poured over. Lily’s mouth watered. As Lily carried on walking, she found herself almost falling into a sticky fudge trap. Her sticky fudge swamp had almost caught its first victim! Then there in the distance was the most majestic thing of all: Lily’s Rainbow Forest. All the colours in the forest went so well together that you would want a magical rainbow to appear, even if you don’t like rainbows. Excitedly, Lily skipped over to Raindrop Falls where the raindrops splashed with no regrets. Lily looked like she had just got out of a shower, she was that wet.

Then in the distance was the most friendly group of creatures ever, the fairies. Well the

fairies in Lily’s world were really friendly to be exact. As she saw them in the distance she

started to run, then sprint, then fall over. She was sprinting as hard as she could.As Lily was getting closer to the fairies she realised something was wrong with them. What

was going on?

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