Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Katelin Simmons, year 6, Vauvert School

Me and my sister Lisa were fishing in the lake surrounding our tiny cottage . Suddenly I heard Lisa scream, “ HELP PEPPA !“ I let go of everything and dived like a dolphin into the lake after her. Little did I know, the lake wasn’t actually a lake but an entrance to another world!

After a while , Lisa and I both awoke on top of The Seasalt café , which is underwater, and I stared at Lisa like I was saying ‘help ‘ We both held our breath and tried to swim upwards . We didn’t move . I hugged Lisa like it was the last time we would see each other . Lisa madly let go and crawled away . Following her , I looked around and saw talking dolphins , fish and mermaids . It was like a kingdom . I looked up to see Lisa , surrounded by mermaids . “ Get off me you legless freak ! “

Lisa exclaimed . I zoomed to Lisa until … I stopped .

Lisa and I both let go off our breath to see a brightly coloured figure on our legs . I’m a mermaid !

“ Look at me Lisa !” I shouted as my dream came true . Lisa looked at me , pure disappointment, with her head in here hands . As Lisa calmed down , I explored on to see a gigantic purple palace , a beautiful queen and a village . I gracefully swam to the palace when all of a sudden ,I gassed upon an treasure chest, open right underneath me . I tried to touch it but I didn’t want to without Lisa . “ Lisa ?” I asked . I touched it . I’m home ?

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