Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Kingdom of clouds

By Rebecca Holmes, year 5, La Houguette School

It was a scorching hot day, and I found myself sitting on my unmade bed. I was staring long and hard out of my bedroom window. As I was staring into the hazy clouds, it felt like I was taking a journey over stormy seas. Staring into the clouds, as I looked harder one single cloud caught my eye. The cloud looked as if it was a hand, about to come out and grab me. And it did. Suddenly I became like a vapour, floating through the blistering sky. When the terror had finally left me, I felt able to look around. As I turned I saw a palatial little kingdom. I walked over to the town square, where loads of people were selling food, jewellery and loads of other things I didn't even know the names of. Just then I heard a small echoing voice inside my head, telling me to keep going. But I didn't want to keep going, I wanted to go back to the comfort of my own home. But it was too much to wish for. The voice was too strong, too encouraging, to ignore. I strode over to one of the lanky houses. I knocked ever so lightly on the hard wooden door. After a minute or two, a figurine pranced out from the shadows. The small but rotund character led me onwards. The house had a eerie effect to it, just like my gran's house. Just thinking about family made my insides churn. The lady led me through her house and up windy stairs. I just about made it to the library before I collapsed onto my knees. The small mysterious lady handed me a book of teleportation. I would know if I was successful when I opened my eyes... an unmade bed.

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