Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Junk Island

By Louis Clark, year 4, Elizabeth College

“Huh!” I woke up! Today I was really excited for school. But when I went outside there were broken cars and other junk everywhere. I went along the path to meet my friends when I went into Alex’s house. He was crying. So I asked, “Why are you crying?”

Alex screamed, “The junk king is here!” So, trying to go to school we carried on together. And we went through mystery town. I still don’t know why it’s called mystery town. When we got out of the town we were going onto two directional path until we saw a sign saying Danger Roads.

I was confused. We went the right way all the time because I saw the other way. On the last time none of the ways where blocked up so we went left because that’s the way to school. When I got to the end of the path there was a big lake I didn’t understand at first but then I understood whilst Alex was still crying. On the lake was loads of rubbish I was really, really sad. So after I looked we went on. Alex stopped crying and ran into the forest.

There weren’t many trees or anything but it was ok.

I finally found out why Alex was running. I saw his mum and dad standing right there. I replied, ‘’you can go now. I guess you’re not an orphan now!’’

Alex started crying again but then he stopped. He walked to me loudly and said, ‘’I’m going to go with you!’’

Then Alex’s mum as well said, ‘’and you can be our other son.’’ Then we all went on together until the trees. What happened at the trees went very fast as I tried to climb up the tree, but I couldn’t climb!!!

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