Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Kibe Bennett, year 6, La Houguette School

One day there was a boy named Josh. He took his dog on a walk. He saw some trees and birds as he was walking. He went through a gate and shut it behind him. He saw some flowers when he went further down, he saw some blooming when he went even further down. He went on a bridge across some water. He got to the other side safely. He walked a little bit further and saw a path. He went on to that path and followed it with his dog. His dog was getting hot. They saw a beach, the name of the beach was Sandy Beach. They saw some tractors and some canoes. The dog ran as fast as he can on to the beach. The boy ran with his dog. Josh had a ice cream. After Josh had his Really, Really nice ice cream. Him and his dog went in the sea and had a little swim and had so much fun. They were getting a little bit bored so they got out of the sea. They

were thinking of building a sand castle. They were thinking about building a really big sand castle. They did build a big sand castle. After they built their really big sand castle. His dog went on a canoe for the very first time, Josh he'd never been on a canoe as well. It was scary at first.

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The Adventure in Imaginary Land

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In a town called Benjo, there was a boy called Sam , who loved going outside.

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The lazy witch and the haunted house

By marley collenette, year 5, Amherst School

Once upon a time there was a happy beautiful city.

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Once there lived a Fox, he lived on a island called the Plains but it wasn't really plain.

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The Legend of Sola and Marta

By Jack Bennett, year 7, Grammar School

"Forget it, puny one. I am the more powerful god," Marta blasted, his deep voice echoing across the wide galaxy.

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