Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Jak Cutler, year 6, Elizabeth College

The year was 3960 February…

There was a boy named Nanj and he had the biggest fear of spiders. Unluckily there were giant spider robots named ‘Centurions’ so every time I came outside there they were There.

he was the palest the poorest how was trying so hard to get to Zorrah. (The town above for the rich only) he was a huge gamer he could hack companies he lives in town with volcanoes and many castles but there was a war trembling infinity king and fire king in a battle of ages.

Nanj’s dream was to get the beam of light which was guarded by dragons and spears. He’s super good at parkour and today he tries to get it.

The next day…

Nanj has broken his arm and burnt his leg getting the beam of light! Now he could fight back against people then in the night *CRASHH WHACK SLAM*Nanj woke up in a split second and went down stairs and saw his dad on the table bleeding out and all his robot heart transplants gone. He needs to take revenge fast whoever this is, is dead…

Two Weeks Later.

The Infinity King and Fire King were in a battle of a lifetime,

. The fire king has the most powerful heart which was in my dad’s lab. Was the fire king the lab raider?

He sliced through his robe like it was butter that robe was made of pure cobalt then the infinity king jumped up in the air fearlessly and slammed a padlock cage on his head and put boulders on chains and attached them to his arms then Nanj fight and shouted “Stop!” and shot his beam of light at the infinity king raised his staff and threw it and ....Will He Survive or Not?

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