Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Hamish Buchanan, year 4, Notre Dame School

Years ago in my old dusty attic I found a stick, a sword and a key but a few weeks later I noticed it was no ordinary sword... it was made of pure crystal. But the second I touched it there was a flash of light and I fell onto a hard floor. I looked around. I was in a castle. But the next second I was in area 52. I was in a war between aliens and men. I was the leader of every person in the universe. When I could I shot or cut off aliens heads. I was the great and powerful Jack Black. I figured out I was inside my own imagination and whatever I thought of would appear. I had many adventures but none as great as this one...

I woke up to see 500 wolves looking at me. I quickly pulled out my blaster and shot 10 of them dead, I ran but they were right behind me. I could have fallen there and broken my back but instead I felt the wind on my face and I ran again. When the wolves were almost upon me I quickly climbed up a tree. The wolves snapped at the bark but then I remembered that I controlled everything.

Suddenly a giant appeared out of the dark. I told the wolves to attack him. They ran like the wind towards the giant. The big black one bit him on the toe and the giant stumbled backwards and surrendered. But then in the dim light I could see it was no ordinary giant but a robot giant. Its mechanical eyes were switching on and off. Suddenly a huge wave appeared. Just then I woke up, it was just a dream or was it?

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