Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Imaginary World

By Ben Le Page, year 4, Blanchelande School

“That’s cool”, said Jeffy with a surprised expression. His sister Sophia had found a book of all the elements of the periodic table in order. There was hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon and many others. They had a test coming up in 2 weeks which was memorizing all the periodic table elements and writing

them down in order. (This is not easy considering there are 118 elements!) Their mum and dad always made them study and study as it would count as 25% of their science grade. Sophia did nothing but eat, drink, sleep and study but Jeffy sometimes played Fortnite on his Nintendo Switch. One evening, Jeffy got his first

Fortnite solo win. He got Sophia to see his win but she didn’t really care. All of a sudden, the controllers started levitating and controlling the Switch! It went onto an old Naruto game and when it selected it, they got sucked in! They were in the middle of the Rasengan Ark where Naruto learns the Rasengan, a ball of wind formed in one’s hand. As time went by, Jeffy and Sophia became experienced ninja and had learned basic Gen Jutzu, Tai Jutzu and how to throw a deadly kunai (Jutzu is Japanese for technic). But Jeffy stole the secret scroll of the legendary Jutzu and had enough time to learn the Shadow clone Jutzu! No one really cared because Orochimarru was in the village. Orochimarru was an evil ninja that

wanted to learn all the Jutzu. Jeffy came to join the fight and saw that the third Hokage was having a hard time fighting the nine-tailed fox. Sadly, Madara and Itachi were in the sound village instead of the leaf village fighting! Itachi and Madara were the only ones who had powerful enough Jutzu.

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