Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Ice World

By Luke Davis, year 6, La Houguette School

In the distant future

In the town of Gant it was a normal day people riding their bikes, walking down the road and doing stuff but then,slowly, a giant storm appeared, with snow coming down. It quickly became a blizzard covering the whole town of Gant white.

It terrified the people in the town. They ran everywhere,shouting and screaming It was another ice age. After a while people were in their houses, the snow had blocked them in so they could not get out.

Eventually people could get out of their homes but when they did they got frozen alive.

Frightened of the deaths the people of the town tried to entertain themselves with music and games. While they were doing that the snow got thicker and went up to the roof. People noticed it and stopped. They knew they would die, but a smart man named Tim came up with a idea to dig a cave and then build igloos inside the cave.

Slowly, some of the work began and then had a cave dug. The igloos were built with a bed and candles. They built it because the houses would then get frozen and that they will freeze. But while they were doing that the sun got bigger.

It burned mercury and venus so the sun started to melt the snow a bit. A couple of people saw and told the others that the snow was melting.

Tim was the first one to go back outside. He slowly stepped and then shouted, ”ITS FINE”.

Then everyone rushed outside, whirled with joy. The kids played on the snow and had snowball fights and sledged.

Life was back to normal.

But after a couple of months after the world turns into desert. People were dehydrated the world was in another disaster.

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