Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

I am brave enough! (part 1)

By Felicity Hayman, year 6, La Houguette School

“No!” her Dad yelled for the millionth time. Boiling with fury, about to explode, Astrid screeched, “Why not? I am brave enough! I can handle any challenges that may be thrown at me! You can’t control me!!!” She stormed off into her bedroom, which was filled with posters of adventures and fantasy lands. It was a night in the Land of Derpy Robots, but you couldn’t get much wind at all, (the wall was too high to let much wind down). Astrid could hear some

derpers outside, chuckling and shouting. Longingly, she stared at a piece of artwork in her room, it was called The Enchantix Realm, painted by a Derper from the Land of Derpy Robots. Astrid had heard many myths about other realms, such as : The Enchantix Realm, The Realm of Cuckoo, and the Sea of Nightmares. But how would she know if they even existed? Her city built a wall surrounding their city, defeating the chance of even getting out. But she had a plan, she would get out someday, she didn’t know how, but she would do it.

It was the morning, Astrid hadn’t gotten any sleep at all ; she was too busy working on ways to find out what’s on the other side. When she was younger, she had tried to escape using a plastic knife she had found at home, it didn’t work, the wall was almost completely indestructible. Astrid was also into invention. For years, she had been working on trying to invent a weapon that would break the wall somehow. It would work, she just knew it.

Courageously, she strode out of her room, ready to face her Dad. It was just her and her Dad, as it always had been ; her Mum sadly passed away when she was just a baby.

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