Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Horror Forest

By Callum Davidson, year 6, Vauvert School

“I’m coming ready or not” shouted his little brother. Max had never won a game of hide and seek before so this was his only chance. He knew his brother was coming and he would lose but behind his wardrobe there was a secret door. He walked though then he was in oblivion. He could see nothing but black all around him until seconds later, he could see the floor of what looked to be a forest. He knew if his mother found out he would be in big trouble.

He had to get out somehow some way but all he could see were trees and forest all around. Then suddenly as he started walking, he could see just meters away a child`s play toys and things like that. He felt his own skin crawl and a sudden chill go down his spine. He had millions of thoughts running round his head and it was giving him a throbbing headache as he walked closer.

The air felt cold and he didn`t belong here but he had to find out what this was all about. As he came closer and closer, he could see the outline of a human or something worse; maybe this could be one of his family members or something more monster like. How could he believe this but the monster started running towards him and Max jumped and he felt he was going up into oblivion again.

He was so scared he told him Mum of what would have happened if he had not jumped. His mum called the police and they checked the whole of what was down there but the police never found any traces of anything except the play toys.

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