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Helen and the Underwater World

By Imala Bearder, year 3, Hautes Capelles School

A few years ago I found a headline in a newspaper. “GIRL FINDS UNDERWATER WORLD,” it read.

I found out more and I was fortunate enough to meet this young girl. She had a very exciting story to tell. I asked her if I could write a book about her, and she said “Yes”. So here is my book about ‘Helen’ a girl who found an underwater world.

Helen rushed down to the shore into the glistening water with her new mask and snorkel. After a few minutes of swimming beyond the rocks, Helen spotted an arrangement of curved stones. Intrigued, she ducked under the water and swam down toward the mysterious stones. Squinting through her foggy mask, Helen saw something that made her shudder. There in front of her were the names of men and women, Dorothy Pike, Minnie King, Alfred Gates, Bessie Bray and more. Below each name were their date of births, and deaths. Helen quickly realised that she had discovered gravestones, underwater gravestones.

Fascinated but now afraid, Helen pushed at the water with her palms to more away from her discovery. Swimming over to the left, she almost hit her head on a cottage wall because there was a shark with wings heading straight for her.

Frightened and feeling very confused, Helen started to swim up to the surface. A moment later, something grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back. Helen was so scared that she forgot she had been holding her breath and water flooded into her mouth. She waved her arms and legs in fear. Through the murky water Helen thought she saw a fish tail and hands and arms like her own. The creature, so much stronger than the 9 year old, pulled her into the little cottage.

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