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Heavenly cloud land

By Anya-Sophia Ozanne, year 6, La Houguette School

I entered the back garden and there were some cloud sweets in a long trail, so I decided to follow it and see where it lead to. Then whilst I followed the cloud sweets I SUDDENLY saw a massive hole in garden hedge.

I decided to see where it lead to. I climbed through it and found myself in the sky. I brushed the leaves off me . At first I did not know were I was but then I saw the clouds floating around me and I knew that I was I the sky.

I jumped to one cloud and then to another and I said to myself how am I going to get home? So I tried to find other people so I can find out how to get home.

But I still could not believe that I was in the sky. I heard music coming from afar I carried on walking towards it. It sounded like there was some sort of disco going on so I went to investigate it took about 10 or 15 minutes till I got there.

There was a couple of other people It was a disco like I said it was and then it gave me a thought, where are these people from? Therewere houses like there were people in them, living their lives up here and I had a good think.

It popped into my mind these people are from heaven. I looked up and there was a huge sign that said Heavenly Cloud Land and that

explained to me that the people that we've lost are still there for us and we can still speak to them. You may think they can't hear you but you can, so Annie decided to go and chat to some people that I've lost so I went and chatted to some of these people. There were loads of cakes and biscuits and jelly and for the drinks there was some lemonade, coca cola and water.

It was absolutely amazing I had never had such a good time in my life.

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