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By Hannah Falla, year 5, Vauvert School

Welcome to Heartlake.

Heartlake is a planet like Earth but it’s in a faraway galaxy. There are four cities in Heartlake but before we get into that I have an interesting story about this world. Long ago all the cities were one. One of the cities was flowery, the second one is sweet city, the third one is bamboo and trees, but the main city is rainbow waters. Anyway back to the story. One day it was a dark day, it’s always dark in Heartlake because the sun is hard chocolate, so it’s technically a moon, so it’s always night. One day a candy floss tsunami came and separated the cities, so now they are separate with candy floss as the sea. Let’s get onto the city this is about and that is rainbow waters and just in case you don’t know Heartlake is the shape of a heart. Rainbow waters has got rainbow coloured water with mermaids in There are also unicorns ( I love them both so much). There is another specie but we will come back to that.

Now I will talk about the unicorns' and mermaids' best friends. They live in bamboo and trees, can you guess who lives there? Well we don’t have all day so let's get to it . The animals that live there are monkeys and pandas. They always visit each other.

I’ll tell you about flowery. Flowery has got little troll people and they make the best flowers. The last place I will be telling you about before we get back to talking about rainbow waters is sweet city. Sweet city is made out of gummy bears that died…Back to rainbow waters. Rainbow waters has got a mer-corn, a mermaid unicorn. She is very rare so they are very lucky. YAY!

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