Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Great Warriors

By Fergus Aughton, year 6, La Houguette School

Once there was a great warrior named Steve who was the protector of 8 lands, the hospital, defence, science, gamers and rainforests, underwater tribe prison and war, which meant any bad creature had a desire to destroy him. Until one actually did, cqqqqcccqq or what we call the titan destroyer.

We banished him and his army to the badlands, but then today we had a spy hear they were going to declare war on us. This made the war land gang up to create an army the future called in armys from other galaxies. It was time for him to suit up, he is the great warrior of this century. Anyway suddenly, he took an arrow to my chest, a demon burst in his door, he was through out of his window, he landed next to a house he realized it was the end for him. He closed his eyes, his heart stopped, he was gone but surprisingly, he awoke to the inside of a house and saw man stirring some tea.

Alarmed he asked. ‘Is this heaven or hell?’

The man replied, ‘Neither.’

He was confused, ‘How am I alive?'

He said, ‘I have magical powers.’

‘How long have i been out?’

‘About a month.’

'Is the island ok?’

‘No, not at all.’

'I need to get out there.’

'You need to rest.’

Days went by and Arthur began to understand and like the man (Bob). Then one day Arthur left the house and set off on a great adventure hoping to find the lost warrior Steve. After a few minutes he found a demon. Quickly he hid behind a tree, grabbing his pen knife ready to kill. Suddenly, he saw titan destroyer. He put in his communicator ( helps him understand creatures).

He said, 'Put the pesky humans in the chamber.' BAM! He was shot with the golden arrow. This could only mean one thing. Steve. He was here. I rushed towards the titan destroyer and grabbed him. We then took him and his army to the badlands then used future equipment as a shield they were banished forever.

Will they escape?

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