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Glad to be away from food

By Jacques Veron, year 5, Elizabeth College

I solemnly sat on the seats of paranormal pup, waves smashing on the rotting windows. Doors harshly opening and slamming shut. I decided to see what other miserable landmarks there were but all in sight was a darkly coloured chest. I murmured, “That looks miserable enough,” to myself.

I walked towards the chest and when I had reached my destination it was an empty chest decorated with chicken legs.

I looked for the next miserable landmarks. Two blurry objects appeared in the deep fog. A burnt forest that looked like fries and a golden tree that looked like wheat. I decided to walk to the fry-looking forest, every step closer I took to get to fry forest it got colder and colder. Then I reached the forest and the air was white and the fry trees were frozen. The frozen air chilled my bones, I tried to run but I couldn’t continue, cold was getting to me. The cold started to blow away in the wind, I could run again. I ran straight to the huge willow, out of breath I reached wheat willow. The wind was too strong, I had to crawl all through the area around the dead willow. The air was greatly hot now and I was able to walk all the way to a warehouse with a big watermelon painted on the corroded metal. I opened the patchy green painted door with a big struggle and walked into the pitch black room and saw a blue flicker of light. I started to amble towards the light and realised that I was standing on a crystal platform and suddenly found myself in a gooey ice cream-shaped island. I

walked to the abandoned building and tripped and found myself in bed. ”Phew, glad to be away from food."

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