Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Geese Island

By Henry Steer, year 6, La Houguette School

At Feathered Village there was a goose called Bob, and he was very woolly. Every day Bob went round all the other bigger houses in Feathered Village and said “Hi” to all the other amazing geese. Also Bob the Goose liked to go and take a dip in the village’s very special crystal clear pond.

He got in and had a swim around but then he saw some geese that were older than him and they were not allowed to be in there because they were from Bird's Eye View Village, but Bob kept on swimming until a couple of minutes later one of the older geese called Tim saw Bob and swam over with his friends. When Bob was

just about to get out of the pond to go to Geese Gathering, Tim slapped Bob on the back. Tim and his friends started to call Bob a name like Mr No Flyer, Bob was only little so he could not fly. Tim and his friends flew away to their village. Bob saw that he had a big slap mark on his back. Suddenly one of Bob's friends, Sam, saw this and came to see if he was alright.

Bob and Sam took a slow walk to Geese Gathering Pond where Bob's family was, Sam told Bob's parents about everything that had happened. Out of nowhere Bob’s mum shouted, “What is on your back?” because she had seen the slap mark on Bob's back, and they quietly said, ‘’Are you ok?’’ and ‘’Who did this?’’ Bob said it was some older geese from Bird's Eye View Village. “I know one of their names, it was Tim.” Bob’s mum went off to Tim and pushed all his friends out of the way and shoved Tim on the ground and shouted, “Never ever do that to my son again…”

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