Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Frosty and the King of the Sky

By Jake Hardill, year 3, Castel School

It was a chilly Friday morning in Siberia when the call came in from a desperate Mother Peregrine in the United States. Her two precious eggs had been stolen from the ledge of her colossal mountain home. She was shocked, angry and wanted help to find them. Could our heroes Frosty and the King of the Sky save the day?

Frosty was an exceptional snow leopard who had special powers that allowed her to create ice from her fingers to capture the villainous poachers. Her assistant, the majestic King of the Sky, joined her quest to save the world’s most precious endangered eggs. Frosty helped him protect his own eggs from Darkest Draven two years ago.

The King of the Sky angrily uttered “Sounds like the work of the Darkest Draven, He makes my feathers stand on end.” “Let's split up and look for clues. He won’t get away with this devilish crime like he did twelve years ago when he vanished from our radar,” growled the fierce, frustrated Frosty.

“I’ll go north to see where the crime was committed, you go back to New Zealand to see if you can find out more from when he vanished” instructed Frosty.

Frosty began her journey from Siberia to the States. She was only twenty miles into her journey when there was a gigantic rumble from nowhere. She looked around and saw nothing, then the sudden silence crept around her. She felt scared and her eyes were wide open with fear. She saw a giant wave as big as a skyscraper racing towards her. She tried to fly away but the wave closed around her like two big hands. Was this the end of our hero Frosty?

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