Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Food War

By Rawel Ali, year 6, Amherst School

“Time to declare food war,” Pizza Freddy was angry about his number 1 enemy, Pie Peter. Pizza Freddy had a mission to complete, he was up to do an assasination to kill Pie Peter and his army. Pie Peter was a bad person, he humiliated Pizza Freddy for these years and Pizza Freddy wants revenge. Pizza Freddy has his own army at his own place called Pizza Kingdom.

“Troops! we will occupy the candy island, there is nobody on the island so we might as well take it and we will be able to get to Pie Parade quickly."

As soon as possible there were more people coming to visit the Candy Island because the Troops who came from Pizza Kingdom but down a burger bridge. There was many people that Pie Peter could ask to join them in the war. Mushroom Castle was desperate to join Pie Parade in the war so they asked and Pie Parade accepted and they had a whole supply of guns. Pizza Freddy talked to Pie Peter in his kingdom through voice transport.

”Do you think your going to win this war? Impossible! You will always lose Freddy."

“No I am not going to lose this time, you're going to be humiliated and I will get revenge."

“We shall see.”

“Soldiers! we need to ask the people of Carrot Cornfield if they can join us in the war so we can put sniper towers and eliminate the people in Pie Parade." The people of Carrot Cornfield did not accept. Instead they stayed out of it so Pizza Freddy sent assassins and soldiers from Pizza Kingdom and Candy Island to use full power into Pie Parade. Most of the people were killed by assassins and soldiers and the only person left was Pie Peter. Pizza Freddy confronted him. “Any last words?”

“Just shoot." Pizza Freddy killed Pie Peter and the war has ended.

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