Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Finding Home

By Theo Jones, year 6, Amherst School

Was he going to come out alive? Crashing down at ridiculous speeds. quickly deploying the parachute. Ray was worried. Crashing into the side of a massive mountain, he was cooled by the shade of it towering, above right into the clouds. Ray had been looking for a new place to live with his tribe. This could be somewhere he guessed?

Lava streams ran down one side of the mountain. He could feel the tremble of the ground move him from one side to another. Something heavy fell straight down on his head dazing him. Rocks of dirt fell from the sky. How long could he be stuck here? Ray sat in a different world, everything blocked out. His antennae sniffled around smelling something intriguing. Turning he saw a huge horde of small dragon-like creatures scuttling towards him. Standing, the animals came darting at Ray. For a moment he just stood there out of his mind. They were growing closer and closer. He could never out pace them now. He felt the shock as they came out behind him. No-one was injured. No-one stopped. What had happened?

Lava followed him grabbing at his heels. He ran into the distance, into the horizon, out of this world. He ran straight up the volcano and into the clouds, bouncing up and down and up and down like he was at a trampoline park back on Planet Earth. Soon passing through gates, where would this take him? It came right to a dead end leaving distraught Ray crashing into a wall but instead of going splat he came straight through the other side. He sat up in his bed. Ray followed through doors leading to a mysterious, misty land. Was it just a dream? Where was he?

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