Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Explorer Friends

By Ethan Kanyike, year 4, Elizabeth College

When Chris and I reached the airport our flight was about to take off and we went to the gate, but the plane had already taken off.

Luckily, Chris had an idea to rob a plane and fly to Misty Island. I replied with, "Ok."

So at dawn we decided to take off. The flight was so rough it nearly pushed the plane upside down. When we arrived at Misty Island we took a helicopter to Calm Island.

When we had arrived we took a car to town. Chris and I stayed in a hotel. But the next day we found a Bugatti Veron and robbed it and drove at breaking speeds to the airport and flew their plane and crashed it into the deadly sea and ejected out and parachuted to Chris’s home island and decided to fly back to Calm Island. The turbulence there was terribly bumpy but in the end we managed to get to Calm Island.

When we arrived it was nice and sunny. Chris and I decided to go and drive to the military base. It was a risky idea, but it was worth a shot. So we drove there at midnight. But we weren’t prepared. The military base had the most advanced technology in the whole of Calm Island.

And we went to prison for twenty years!!! As the days got longer and the months and the years, we discovered how to break out. We escaped and drove to the airport and took their plane to Chris’s home island, but when we set off we had no fuel! So when we were in mid-air the fuel was running out and it did.

A MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! We are falling out of the sky!!! But there was no signal transmitting at the control tower.

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