Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Evil vs Nice

By Tiana Wood, year 6, Forest

I walked up to the entrance of the woods and smiled.

“This is going to be my life, no more evil,” I said to myself.

The wind pushed me forwards, I almost fell on my face, I took a breath and entered the forest. Meme forest was the name, I never understood why, I was always confused by it but I guess today I’ll find out. As I entered I heard music starting to play, it seemed to be Rockefeller Street.

“1,2,7,3 down the Rockefeller Street!” I started to sing but as I drew closer to the music it started to fade away, all to be heard now was the rustle of the trees. The ferocious wind stopped and calmed down and the trees went from beautiful to black. Some sort of girl popped out from behind a tree. She had a black short skirt made of cotton, and a mars black and lily-white striped crop. Also for some reason she had two small black hearts under her eyes. And her hair was in blond pigtails. Suddenly out of nothing two more girls appeared, they looked the exact same, but one had pink hair and one had blue hair. The strange people started to dance by putting their index fingers on their cheeks and twisting them opposite ways.

“Who are you?!” I exclaimed.

“We’re the E-girls, come you be one too,” they replied

Before I could question any more of their life choices, they put an itchy, scruffy wig on me and squeezed me into clothes exactly like theirs. To be honest I quite liked the clothes they put me in. Suddenly a pen appeared and they drew black hearts under my eyes.

“You’re one of us now!” they announced.

I think I finally have friends.

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