Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Elves and humans

By Toby Bisson, year 6, Forest

Have you been to the unknown regions of the equator? Where no one has ever been? Where elves live? The people at the human settlement there go on and receive raids from the elves. The island is protected by a ball of magic, it regulates the temperature and makes the island look invisible from the outside. The dragons look after the island, repairing cracks and stopping people getting in.

Eva was on a mission. To deliver a message to the fire elf king. She had to cross the pass. The moon elves had spotted a suspicious movement in the human settlement. “Our Queen has told us raids have been going on, commanded and carried out by humans!” Eva announced. “The humans have been raiding our wheat stores!”

Meanwhile, dusk was falling and the humans were having a feast with piles upon piles of wheat, bread and pastries, enough to sink a battleship. “Another successful raid, the elves will never know!” But little did they know the elves were raiding their corn stores, but this wasn’t any corn, this was magic corn, making everything grow faster and giving special land features. This beautiful touch makes the land like a fantasy, the aroma is by far the best in the world. The hills roll and the trees wave as you walk on.

“What shall we do, the raids have been going on for ages?” pronounced King Oliver. His beard was now flailing and hitting people in the face as he was shaking his head. Out of the crowd a stranger stepped forward (avoiding his flailing beard) with a hood that shadowed his face and hair. He had a deep voice but it was too quiet to hear from the crowd. Quickly he drew something out of his coat pocket. Slice! Then silence fell ...

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