Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Eating Candy Land

By Holly Ingrouille, year 5, Vauvert School

“OMG” screamed Lottie as she approached marshmallow lane. (Marshmallow lane was the place where Queen Cupcake lived) “Not again” said Lottie “The trolls are back in Candy Land I Have to tell the Queen.” She ran home and shoved on a pair of shoes. (She had been roller skating) She sprinted past the chocolate lake and then past the marshmallow and rice krispie fort.

The trolls were fierce, ferocious, autumn-coloured beasts. When she got to the palace she went to go and speak to Queen Cupcake. “The trolls are back and are eating your palace, “ said Lottie.

“Oh no what shall we do,” said Queen Cupcake

“I have an idea that might work” said Lottie

“We can make cake and then lure the trolls into the sea with it.”

“What a great idea,” said Queen Cupcake “Let’s get to work”

So they got to work making huge amounts of cake , chocolate cake ,red velvet and brownies.

“I hope this works “ said Queen Cupcake.

“I do too “ said Lottie. So they got ready and were asking people in Candy Land to help and Lottie’s idea worked. They lured the trolls back into the sea and used the rest of the cake to fix Queen Cupcake’s palace.

As Lottie was strolling home she thought about where she lived and what a lovely place it was. Everyone except the Queen lives in tree houses made from cake and brownies and the tree trunks made from candy canes. The chocolate lake, the Oreo roads and the fort made out of marshmallows and rice krispies .The flying saucers that people use to travel around in.

About three days later Lottie lollipop was awarded super hero of candy land .

Lottie Lollipop living on lollipop lane , superhero of Candy land!

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