Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Jade Ferbrache, year 6, Amherst School

A long time ago in a land far, far away there was an island called ducktopia. Ducktopia is a island that’s in the shape of a duck.

”King duck where did you put the potato bag?” asked queen duck.

“There in the fridge!” Shouted king duck.

“Ok, the roast is nearly ready,” said queen duck.

“Get the door, please,” queen duck said.

“Ok … Hello there, how can I help you?”Said king duck.

“Would you like any cookies sir?” Said the little orphan, quietly.

“Yes, I love cookies. I will have two boxes please,” said the king.

“Ok.” She passes the boxes and with that the little girl skipped off down the path .

“Who was that?” Asked the queen.

The next day came and queen duck wasn’t feeling well it was because of the cookies.

“I think I’ve seen that girl before, but I can’t remember when… I remember, she’s the town potion maker. She got fired because she made a illegal potion that’s who she is,” announced the king.

A couple of days later the potion maker got arrested for poisoning the queen. King duck had to find the magic flower for queen duck to get better.

King duck set out to find the magic flower and he knew it wouldn’t be easy to find the magic flower but he wanted to save queen duck. He rushed to the forbidden forest to find the flower. It was

getting dark and cold, but king duck knew he couldn’t give up, he had to save queen duck. He searched and searched till it was completely dark.

As king duck headed home he saw the flower, he grabbed it and rushed home to queen duck. He gave the flower to queen duck and queen duck and king duck lived happily ever after.

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