Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Dracle's Revenge

By Micah Cohen, year 4, Blanchelande School

‘Help!’ screamed Tom, ‘the Dracle’s going to get me.Time to exterminate ah help somebody help me.’

A second later, all his friends could hear was the snorts of the hideous Dracle devouring their friend. What all of them wanted to do now was run. They were running for hours before they stopped. When Tom was eaten by the Dracle at the time they were in the Theme Park of Doom. That is one of the two dimensions.

Now they were in the Forest of Death. They set camp for the night. The next day they woke and they were being roasted by robins with bows and arrows. They were struggling to get out. There was some rustling in the leaves and then a big man jumped out of the leaves. He scared all of the robins with bows and arrows, ran away and then the man got a bucket of water and threw it on the water, untied the ropes and set Theo, Rupert, Herbie, and Charlie, free. They were all terrified at just the sight of him because if all the robins ran away from him he must have been dangerous. But to their surprise he was very friendly. He offered them to come to his house they all said yes, for they were very hungry.

It was five minutes later when they arrived at his house, which was a fabulous tree house of course. When they got to his house he introduced his name, Archie. Archie`s house smelled like recently cut wood. After they had lunch, they said thankyou to Archie for the wonderfully cooked lunch. It was when they were about to set off on their adventure when Ben heard the dry leaves rustling, something was coming. It was the hideous DRACLE, he was holding his trusty flamethrower.

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