Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Disaster in Sweet Candy Land

By Kobe Lilley, year 6, Vauvert School

As I landed in Candy Hand my mouth started to water. I looked around to see pink candy floss mountains ,vanilla ice-cream clouds, white , dark and brown chocolate houses. I didn’t really know how I got to Candy Land. I just found a piece of ginger bread on the ground. I picked it up and then fell into a small hole then I ended up in Candy Land. I needed to find a way out of this pink land. I heard that there was a Prince and Princess in Candy Land. They lived in a white chocolate castle. On the way to the castle I saw some civilians, They were made of sticky toffee. As soon as I got to the castle I asked the Prince and Princes if I could have a little chat with them. I told them how I got to Candy Land and they told me that I wouldn’t be getting out of there any time soon. The Prince explained “There is an evil dark chocolate wizard called Manchy".

"He won’t let anyone leave Candy Land, not even the humans” said Princess Bubble Gum.

“Thank you anyway, ” I replied. I walked out of the castle very puzzled. I could hear something, something weird. I saw Manchy. He was tall and his eyes were dark. He was holding a strange shaped gun. it was a dark chocolate transformer gun… BANG!!! The gun had been fired BANG!!! The civilians were now dark chocolate.

“Help us !" screamed a family in the distance. “Help, Help!" I sprinted over to the family and took them to safety. They thanked me. In the distance I saw a portal to my home I sprinted to it and then “Bang!" a candy came in and saved everyone. Was Manchy gone or not?

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