Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Crystal world!

By Amelia Roberts, year 5, Vauvert School

In a faraway place, millions of miles away, you will find crystal world. It is a magical world where fairies and dragons live. Sadly they are at war with each other. A long time ago fairies and dragons were the best of friends but the fairies kept on stealing the dragons' crystals .The fairies live in the Sunny south (sun city), they have everything they need but the crystals are their homes .The dragons live in the Icy north (crystal mania!). In crystal mania there are hills, mountains and crystal caves! The crystals grow in the crystal caves, Icy north is not actually a part of Sunny south but they are joined together by giant dragon stepping stones!

The dragon king who wants all the crystals in the world lives in the glimmering caves of crystal mania! The fairies once ventured out into the valley but there was something strange about the beautiful valley, but they couldn’t just figure it out. They went back to their now rotting homes, the crystals started to rot because they were at war.

The crystal king was becoming angry because the fairies had nearly discovered the nature crystals! He couldn’t believe they had not found the lava crystals because that is the place where they live! Four days later the beautiful shimmering fairies found the two other types of crystals. The beautiful shards of crystal shimmered in the beams of sunlight! The beautiful fairies pounced around the sparkling plants. The dragon king accepted that the fairies could peacefully live In the crystals. If you go there today you can see the peaceful fairies and dragons getting along nicely as best friends . And crystal world is how we know it now. The beautiful land of the crystals.

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