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Crazy Adventure

By Alexander Lasenby, year 4, Elizabeth College

Leaving the house that morning I had no idea how difficult it was to find the secret island. There was this scary boat that had loads of scary creatures on it. If you went on the boat they would chase you all around the whole boat but I had to get to the secret island.

So I went on a bit of an adventure, when I just got past Snake Island I saw something unbelievable with my own eyes. It looked like a ginormous mountain with rocks falling down the mountain. It was very dangerous, I was really scared but suddenly I saw something strange coming down from the sky and I was really scared. But it was someone to help.

Splat! The rocks smashed when they touched the ground. So I carefully went past the mountain.

“Ouch!” I said, screaming loudly as a rock hit me on the leg. I just dodged the other rocks and went past the mountains and saw the view, there was such a long way to go. I fainted on the ground. When I got up I saw something very confusing.

“Is it LAVA?” I said in a very scared voice. I was feeling very brave and I felt like I could go and see who it was.

“Oh no!” I shouted, I was really scared but when I went to see who it really was he was just trying to help.

“Hello! Hello! Is there anyone there?”

“Yes, there is someone here! I am the master of all Gods I am trying to help you from the rocks. Go to the left and then go forwards.”

“Thanks for your help”, I said with a grin. Off I went with a smile on my face…

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