Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Coral Island and the Sea of Secrets

By Jessica Bransford, year 6, Blanchelande School

Serena left the others at Mermaid Cove and walked towards Dolphin Bay along the shoreline, making sure she was not too close to the water's edge. It was mid-morning and the sun was now high in the sky, warming the earth beneath. Serena loved the feel of sand on her feet, the warm golden top layer and the

cooler sand beneath, feeling like star dust slipping between her toes. As she looked around, Serena stumbled upon a washed-up part of a boat. Always the curious type, Serena walked into the water and dived in as quick as she could, there was not much time before the secret power of the sea took effect.

After flicking her feet, her legs changed into a glistening mermaid tail, bold red scales fading beautifully into an orange and pink tail. Serena swam down to into the inky blue ocean wondering what she may find. And there it was, a sunken ship, lying still following whatever trouble it had run into, the hole visible in its side.

As she swam back towards the reef, she spotted something in the corner of her eye. A wooden chest, gleaming with gold handles, locked, heavy, intriguing. Serena pulled the chest from its underwater grave and dragged it along the ocean floor using every ounce of her strength. And that was the last she remembered.

Lying on the beach, Serena was aware of shadows being cast over her. As her eyes came into focus, she recognised the concerned but familiar faces as Lilly and Lauren.

“You’ve been gone for hours,” exclaimed Lilly, “what happened to you?”

Slowly pushing herself up, Serena remembered,

“Where is the chest?”

And then Serena looked down and saw her tail.

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