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Chomp Chomp

By Lottie Muir, year 5, Notre Dame School

Chomp Chomp

Hi, my name is Candy I am 8 years old and I live in Chomp Chomp. I know what you are probably thinking what is Chomp Chomp? Well Chomp Chomp is basically a world where everything is made of food, for example the clouds are made of candy floss and the schools are giant corn on the cobs. I quite enjoy living here but there are a few downsides, like if you wanted a shower, you would turn on the shower and tea would pour out on you due to the fact that our river is tea.

Just a few weeks ago, this big problem happened because our cars are fueled by sugar and sugar is building up in our world and polluting Chomp Chomp. Also lots of bad people have decided to throw all of their rubbish on the floor! Some kind people are trying to make a difference by running campaigns and things like that but there is still a lot of people who are too lazy to one, find a bin and put their rubbish in it and two, walk places more often. Me and my friend MG (Midget Gem) have asked the teacher to make letters to go home to people's parents to read about how they should walk their children to school, but she said no. Nothing is really happening right now, but it says on the news that in a few years it will be hard to breathe because of the build up of sugar. I don’t want the world to end or my dreams of being a famous actress will be crushed!

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