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Chocolate Heaven

By Isla Aderson, year 6, Amherst School

Chocolate heaven

“Oh look what you’ve done now Seb!” exclaimed Dexter, “Now we are lost.”

“Stop complaining and help me look for some clues so we can go home,” sighed Seb.

“Well it’s you fault we are lost in this forest,” said Dexter

About an hour later they found some breadcrumbs on the side of some pine needles, with luck they prayed it would lead a way home. Eventually, they arrived at a chocolatey sweety heaven building, the place was bulging with different types of chocolates and sweets. Swiftly, the children ran to the gates. Magically, the gates opened in front of them, and my goodness they were gobsmacked.

“Wow” stared Seb.

“It’s incredible,” said Dexter with a watering mouth.

There were melted white chocolate, milk and dark streams, cave sand, caves of marshmallows and lakes of caramel. A strange creature greeted them; now Seb and Dexter were gobsmacked for a different reason.

“I’m a Limper-Lamperand welcome to chocolate heaven,” said the Limper-Lamper welcomingly. “Please come in.”

“Thank you but we are actually lost could you help us?” asked Seb politely.

“Of course I will help you, but first would you like a light snack before you leave?”

“Yes please,” replied the boys.

After ages of deciding on what to have, Seb munched a crunchy caramel marshmallow on a stick with chocolate sprinkles on top and Dexter just had two bowls of chocolate. “Right let’s find your way home.”

“Yay, I can’t wait to go home and see mummy,” said Dexter sarcastically.

“I can’t wait to go home and play on my ps4,” said Seb also sarcastically.

“Sounds like you love your home and your mum, so we better get you home right away.”

“Let’s go,” sighed Seb

So the boys walked home with the Limper-Lamper, but their minds were fixed on something else other than going home.

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