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By Martha Jones, year 6, Blanchelande School

I heard these odd noises, some from the treetops high above, some from the bark below, but the most extraordinary noise came from straight ahead... I was stumbling through this mysterious forest of Champunagua, trying to find my way back home to my comfy bed. The trees had animals all around, climbing up higher and higher by the second. The lime green treetops were shadowing the chocolate brown bark that my ice cold feet were standing upon.

I kept trudging through this forest when I came across this terrifying creature. It had a polar bear head, a cheetah’s body and a lion’s tail. It came crawling over to me, when it was about two inches away from my face it gave out the biggest and most powerful roar I’ve ever heard. Its breath smelled like old, slimy, stinky cheese. Suddenly it crawled around me, inspected me for quite a while and then wrapped its warm, snuggly fur around me. I felt like it quite liked me and I certainly loved it.

I really wanted to keep this creature as a pet, even though I knew I wasn’t allowed to. I was about to walk off but then these men popped out from behind a pea green hill, screeching.

“Oi, what are you doing with our Grillaffo?”

I very simply replied, “Nothing! I was walking through the forest and found it sitting here all alone.” By this time it was getting dark.

The men screeched again: “Well, haven’t you got any manners? If you did you would have learned that you cannot take a Grillaffo without asking.”

“I’m very sorry, but I haven’t heard of a Grillaffo before today,” I cheekily muttered under my breath with a massive grin on my face that I tried to hide.

“We do not take cheek from people like you. Do you understand?”

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