Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Candy Land

By Dylan Scally, year 5, Vauvert School

Candy Land theme park is a fun place. There are candy dinosaurs and a few creatures waiting to see you. It may be small but it is a fun place to explore and view. Go and see the milky waters with a rainbow friendly octopus and the gingerbread people. There are chocolate lions, who are delicious to nibble on but might nibble you back, and they are pretty vicious, fun dolphins that you can go and play with in the rainbow waters with gummy dragons who breath red liquorice. At the Candy Land zoo there are swampy, milky waters filled with Capri Sun crocodiles.

There is a big roller-coaster that goes as high as the buildings that surround it. Candy golden lions are in their cages with Cheesy Cheddar Cheetahs.

There are bones of all the animals at the viewing where people can investigate and explore the creatures. There are shops for the theme park where you can buy gifts to remember your amazing trip, and magical rides to go on! It’s a great place to visit and explore, maybe magic will happen but that remains unknown until you see it for yourself!

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