Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Candy World in the Clouds

By Coco Despres, year 5, Notre Dame School

A world where children can do anything that they want, without adults saying “no”… can you believe that?

Candy World sits high above the little island of Guernsey in the clouds of the nicest candy floss. All of the houses are made out of different coloured chocolate, with marshmallow beds, skittle stairs, honeycomb furniture, windows of the clearest sucking sweets and carpets of Quality Street. You move from house to house on little tiny boats floating across the river made out of chocolate sauce with icebergs made out of ice-cream. As you float across the river you can have a taste of the tremendous ice-cream.

Every week on Saturday and Sunday the Unicorns and Pegasus’s float and fly over all the houses though you wouldn’t know unless you looked up for they are so quiet. On the week days instead of school the children have flying lessons they ride all day and don’t even stop for maths or English. To build up to riding on the animals they start on broomsticks which, again, are made out of sweets, the spiciest liquorice and Haribo.

All of the food in candy world is based on rainbows because it literally is rainbow coloured, rainbow bacon, rainbow cereal, rainbow… you get the message, urrgghh! I just wish my parents would let me go!...

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