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Candy Land

By Elodie Riley, year 6, Blanchelande School

Candy Land was an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it was in the shape of a giant rainbow lollipop. EVERYTHING WAS MADE OUT OF CANDY! All of the animals in Candy Land lived on the stick, there was perfectly clear water for them to drink apart from the fact that it was made out of candy so they had to lick it. They got candy fruits from the candy trees.

One day all of the animals on the stick decided to try and find their way through the maze, so they built a boat (out of candy) to sail them across from the stick to get to the start of the lollipop maze. Two days later they arrived at the start of the maze and Molly the monkey said, “I will lead us through this maze and we will never stop until we get to the finish!” All the other animals clapped and cheered as they ascended into the maze. The bushes in the maze were rainbow candy, all different colours and flavours.

They got deeper and deeper into the maze, when they came across a pit of quicksand. They all panicked. Molly the monkey said, “Wait, it is just candy.” Everyone laughed and carried on going. Molly the monkey was very keen to reach the end of the maze before sunset as instant worship was right at the end of the maze. Molly was really a very bad monkey but she kept that a secret for a number of years. The sun started to set and Molly the monkey started to run shouting behind her, “Keep up you lazy sloths.”

Everyone did as she said and carried on plodding through the maze. Finally, the finish was in sight, Molly dashed over there to find there was no reward. One of the pandas exclaimed, “Someone has already got the reward many years ago; and that person was me!”

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