Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Candy land adventure

By Mya McGrath, year 6, Amherst School


One day there was a young girl called Liv, she had beautiful brown hair and perfect icey, blue eyes. Hide and seek was Liv's favourite game and because it was the holidays, she decided to play it with her brother, Olly, because they were very bored .

”I will hide first,” Liv announced.

“Ok, Liv. What shall I count to?”

“Hmmm, fifty.”

So she went to hide while Olly was counting. When Liv was upstairs she found a wardrobe, she kept going back until there was voice. It was some sort of candy.

“Hi, it’s me Rainbow Guy. Welcome to Candyland, ummm so my favourite colour is hmmm Rainbow, also my favourite candy is hmmm everything, except myself because obviously I can't eat myself!”

Liv wasn't even paying attention to him, she was gazing at all of the sweets and Chocolate around her. Liv was astonished. First she ran to the Chocolate river and devoured it. Soon after she made her way to Skittle street because, they were her favourite sweets. Although Liv's stomach was bulging, she decided she was still going to Ice Cream Forest ,Lolly- Pop- Lagoon, Bubblegum Beach and finally she was going to Cake City.

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