Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Candy Cane World

By Tallulah-Mae Rautenbach, year 4, Blanchelande School

“Wow w-w-w where are we Phil?’’ I whispered. “Do you know?”

” Sorry I don’t, Lily ‘’Phil answered.

“Let’s explore,” shouted Bill.

” O.K,” explained Jake. “We saw the candy cane gates.”

“I’m going to like this candy cane,” I said.

“Wow” the others screamed. My tongue got stuck for two minutes, for two! No joke about that. After that happened, we ate everything we saw. We found an elf and he guided us around the place. Jake asked “What’s your name?”

The elf replied, “Rainbow, what’s yours?”

“My name is Phil,” said Phil.

“I’m Jake."

We then went on a train to the other side of Candy Land, but not any train, a magic train! Rainbow led us to the café. All I could see were sweets. “A –a-are we in Candy land?” I asked.

“Let’s go in my gingerbread house,” exclaimed Rainbow. There was candy floss coming out the roof of the gingerbread house. In Rainbow’s garden was a candy cane bull that had candy cane skin, a candy cane tail, a candy cane nose, a candy cane mouth, candy cane eyes and candy cane horns.

“WOW, that’s a lot of candy canes!” I exclaimed.

“Now what do we do?” said Bill quietly for once.

“Oh I’m going to eat pop rocks, “said Phil super loud.

‘’ON, “Everyone screamed except for Phil.

“What do we do now?” I said softly.

‘’Let’s go to my best friend’s house,’’ Rainbow said as happy as a frog, jumping up and down crazy.

So we went to Rainbow’s best friend Daisy’s house.

“All your dreams come true there, not a joke,” I explained. As we stepped into the house I realised that we had come out of the fire place!

So I said ‘’Look, look come over here!’’ I shouted, “COME OVER HERE!!” Then we were back…..

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