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Boating Mystery

By Theodora Murray, year 4, Blanchelande School

“How far is it till we get to Astrifiniauss mum?” asked Matty- Andi. She was eight years old but very


Her mother replied, “I’m not too sure, I think it’s about fifteen miles to go but maybe twenty though.”

Suddenly there was a shudder, then the engine stopped and smoke was pouring out of the boiler! Mum

said,``George!” For that was father’s name. “What just happened there?”

My father answered, ``I don’t quite know probably it’s some more seaweed jammed into the engine again I

bet. I’m going to have a look okay.”

The engine was under the water, but luckily we had all brought wetsuits with us. So after dad had changed into his wetsuit - a black one with white stripes across it. He dived into the water with his breathing mask on his face and oxygen on his back. He set off on the mission! He didn’t come back for five minutes, then ten. I

wondered what was taking him so long to come back? Mum decided to go for a little paddle and then I saw It, the huge great white shark, its huge fin skimming the water coming straight towards me! I tried to tell mum but she wouldn’t listen she just replied, “Don’t be ridiculous go back to doing your crosswords!” It was just then that I realized what had happened to dad making him take so long because I saw his white striped wetsuit with the black background on it in the shark’s jaws! That was the moment I stopped being another girl in in the world. I was a real someone now and forever. I thought the shark was coming towards me, but no it was going for mum. I saw everything happen. Mum got eaten and then the fin turned!

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