Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Peter Lydall, year 6, Forest

This is the day! The day that I have been waiting for; the day that they send people to space! The year is 3019 and we live on the planet of Infinity, on the Islands Of The Sky. I heard that our ancestors used to live on a planet called ‘Earth’, but because of something called ‘global warming’, we moved to different planets. So some of us moved here, on a couple of islands surrounded by the ‘Infinity Sea’. My name is Tom Jacks. I’m 10 years old, and I LOVE SPACE! I jump out of bed, and get dressed for the big day!

My lime green hair and galaxy top flapped as I run to get my hoverboard.

“You’re in a rush!” my mum says, as I snatch my hoverboard.

“Bye mum!” I shout, as I open the door,

“I’ll be at sky mountain”

“Ok Tom, just be careful!” My mum smiles.

There I was, speeding past the house-pods, towards the tube-tunnel station. Soon enough, I got off my hoverboard and carried it under my arm. I hopped onto the next pod, and sat down as the doors started to close. Next, I could hear the electricity buzz, and we were off.

A ride later, I was at the top of the colossal sky mountain. The view was absolutely amazing!; If I looked north, I could see Skylands Palace. Then to the left, I could see the other two Islands of the ‘Iles of the sky’; Galaxy and Supernova. Then below them, Sky point with sky forest - the only forest on our planet we know of. Suddenly, A countdown began;

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1! BLAST OFF!” The rocket blasts off towards the sky.

“A successful takeoff!” A speaker blares. One day, I could be one of those people.

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