Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Ryan McGinn, year 5, Notre Dame School


Before I introduce myself I have to say i am a part of a tribe called Amiziodous. We are hated because we are knights and work on a floating island called Twensen. It is home to many species which include giant land eating sharks called Alcpsot ,shorted to sotl.

We have no peace on our island; no peace at all. We have many tribes; the goblins are the most trustworthy but not to us. We have many great things like chainmail, swords, bows, arrows and spears. They have 10,000 soldiers. We have 2,000.

This is not a war, not a battle or an argument. It is about peace happening. You may think my title is blank and boring but it has a meaning: this peace was blank.We hardly had any meetings at all, this was very rare. Our island is very big. It is more than 1000 miles square!

We met up when it was a dark dangerous night, when everyone was inside because there have been various fires because of the lightning.

The first day of peace was when we all joined together for a peace offering and had a big feast. We gave gifts and invites for a party. It was all very suspicious at first then we got used to it. Strange things happened, then no one was in sight. I started patrolling the area and spotted something out of the corner of my eye. I sent for back up but no one came.

I am the only person on Twensen which scares me. I check my problem out but found a load of puzzles like ‘’5+4=2091 .Do you get it?’’ and more like that. i get through and find them asleep but they don’t wake up….they were in the blank reality....OMG.

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