Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Bibbley's adventures

By Emerson Nobes, year 6, Forest

One peaceful day in Jelly Joops, Bibbley was doing his job of selling jelly, it was lovely in the sun. Bibbley was good at the job, he loved jelly, that was why he lived in Jelly Joops and funnily enough he was made of jelly! Bibbly was quite good at the job. Bibbley’s best friend Bibbley-Bob was meant to meet him in 5 minutes. Finally he arrived. “How are you?” questioned Bibbley.

“Ok and you?”

“Great thank you, want some jelly?”

“Why not?”

So Bibbley and Bibbley-Bob were making their way to flowery fields so they could decorate their house. As they were making their way there was gust of wind, a strong gust of wind. But where was it coming from? It was coming from Mystery Mountains, it was always windy there and grumpy. People there were never happy, never ever ever happy!. Mystery Mountains was massive, it was one of the biggest on the island. It had sheet white snow on the top of every hill and pitch black rock on the bottom of every hill. And it had holes in every mountain. Those were the homes of the locals there. As we arrived at flowery fields there were a couple of people there already. As it was summer, the majestic rainbow coloured flowers glimmered in the sun. “That’s wonderful isn't it?”

“Yes it is.” As they were picking the flowers, Bibbley came with a great idea. “Lets go to happily hills.”

“Great idea.” So they set off to Happily Hills. As they arrived there was this grey patch on one of the hills, it was one of the grumpy people from Mystery Mountains. They had to go over to get him out of there. He said that he just wanted some happiness so they let him go off.

The End

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